We have helped many property owners over the years get the proper service when the worst happens. With hundreds of claims under our belts we know how to handle your claim process. Many property owners shrug off the fact that they most likely have damage from a storm and then they pay consequences later. Let one of our trained specialists help you through the entire process.


DID hail or wind destroy your home? DID a water pipe burst? DID a tree fall on your home? DID your house flood?

Why many have used Bishop Construction? We are the EXPERTS!

Step 1: Inspect the Damage

A trained certified specialist will come and inspect your property at no cost to you. A digital video will be taken of the damage if necessary and the specialist will review the damage with you.

Step 2:  File Claim

We will go over exactly how we can help you. We will limit your exposure and risk and make sure your insurance covers everything they are supposed to. So that you are not paying the damage. This is why you have insurance in the first place.

Step 3: Meet the Adjustor

We will meet with you and your adjustor to make sure everything is covered the first time. Most claims are 20-25% less on average when we ARE NOT on site at the first meeting. We work for you not the insurance company, we want to make sure you are not paying for items that are supposed to be covered.

Step 4: Review Paperwork

Together we will review the paperwork sent by your insurance company and make sure they covered what they said they would. If they missed anything we will go back to them and get approval of coverage for the items missed.

Step 5: Make Selections

Once everyone is on the same page. We will then make selections of products and colors and go over all warranties of those products.

Step 6: Start Work

Bishop Construction will schedule your work to be completed weather permitting. We install products based on manufactuers specifications so that you get a proper warranty. 

Step 7: Claim Completion

Upon all work being completed Bishop Construction will be paid the final funds you receive from your insurance and a certificate of completion will be given to the property owner and insurance company. All warranties will be in effect from day of completion.

Damage is damage and waiting does not make it go away. You do not have to be discouraged or worried about who, what, how or why anymore. You now have someone to call and that is Bishop Construction 865-214-7005 and schedule an appointment for a specialist to help you save your most important asset.